Universidade Federal

Santa catarina


The University of Santa Catarina, known for its academic excellence, needed to update its visual identity for more effective communication with its audience.

The commemorative redesign included a new coat of arms, which maintained the traditional and historical characteristics of the institution, but with a more modern and sophisticated look.

The objective was to convey an updated image consistent with the university's commitment to innovation and educational excellence. Now, with its new visual identity, the University of Santa Catarina has a clearer and more impactful image, which reflects its role as a cutting-edge institution in higher education.

The redesign of the visual identity of the University of Santa Catarina was designed to solve communicative problems in materials, renewing the institution's image, whilst maintaining its tradition and history. To achieve this, the team responsible for the project sought to understand the needs of the university and its target audience, carrying out market and competitor research and analysis.

It was decided to maintain the university's coat of arms as the main element of the visual identity, due to its great historical and symbolic importance. However, the coat of arms was redesigned to make it more modern and impactful, with more defined lines and brighter colors.

In addition, new ways of applying visual identity were created, including the standardization of typography, colors and icons, to ensure clearer and more cohesive communication across different media.

The end result was a visual identity that maintained the tradition and history of the University of Santa Catarina, but with a more modern and sophisticated look, which conveys the institution's message of innovation and educational excellence.





UFSC - Universidade Federal Santa Catarina

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