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Elizier Personal, located in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro lands, is a brand that transcends limits and prejudices. With the support source Proxima Nova, our visual identity is an invitation to everyone to embark on a journey of physical and mental transformation, where fun, seriousness and results coexist in perfect harmony.

Our vision is to challenge the conventional notion of exercise by creating an inclusive environment that caters for everyone, regardless of their baseline condition. Whether you're a smoker looking for fresh air, someone who embraces a sedentary lifestyle, or someone dealing with health challenges, Elizier Personal is here to show you that the journey to wellness can be engaging, invigorating, and fruitful.

Our approach aims to transform each exercise session into a memorable experience, where fun is a key component. At the same time, we are committed to the seriousness of results, providing expert guidance and scientific strategies to ensure that each step forward is tangible progress.

Through a combination of vibrant colors, modern typography and inspiring symbols, our visual identity reflects this duality. The color palette exudes vitality, symbolizing the fun and energy that permeates each session. Proxima Nova typography adds a contemporary touch, highlighting our commitment to innovative, science-informed approaches.

Elizier Personal is more than a space for exercise. It's a space for self-discovery, overcoming barriers, and celebrating victories, no matter how small. We are here to make exercising an exciting and rewarding adventure, where fun and results are equally valued. Join us and discover how the journey to a healthy life can be inspiring, transformative and, above all, fun.


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Brand manual Elizier Personal

Elizier Personal: Towards Physical and Mental Transformation

Elizier Personal's branding process was a meticulous and strategic journey, carefully crafted to establish a solid and coherent identity for the brand. Each step of this process was instrumental in shaping the vibrant personality that now defines Elizier Personal.

We start with a deep analysis and understanding of the core of Elizier Personal: its mission, values ​​and the profile of its target audience. We invest time in detailed research to capture the needs, aspirations and expectations of potential clients, as well as understanding the local context and global trends in the health and wellness sector.

From there came the clear definition of the brand’s identity and purpose. The mission, vision and fundamental values ​​were formulated and served as a compass to strategically guide Elizier Personal in its decisions.

Developing the visual identity was a crucial step. The choice of the Proxima Nova font, the selection of a vibrant color palette and the design of inspiring symbols were meticulously thought out to convey the essence of the brand. Each choice was made to reflect Elizier Personal's values ​​and attract the target audience.

Coherence and consistency were pillars in the application of the visual identity across all of the brand's touchpoints. From marketing materials to online presence, uniform application reinforced brand awareness and recognition.

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