Hortifruti Fazendinha


Hortifruti Fazendinha is a brand selling fruits and vegetables, which was born from a family's passion for agriculture and growing healthy foods. They have always dedicated themselves to producing organic and pesticide-free food, with great care and affection at each stage of the process.

To create the visual identity of Hortifruti Fazendinha, the family hired our team, who shared the same passion for nature and growing healthy foods. The objective was to create a visual identity that reflected the quality and care they put into each product.

Hortifruti Fazendinha's visual identity is a reflection of the family's care and dedication to producing healthy, pesticide-free food. She conveys confidence, quality and joy in each product sold. With this strong and striking visual identity, Hortifruti Fazendinha has established itself as one of the main brands selling fruits and vegetables on the market.





Hortifruti Fazendinha

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