It is with great excitement that we present to you the new Dryenge. This transformation is the result of a passionate collaboration between our studio and the Dryenge team, aiming to redefine and enhance our visual identity and guidelines.

Dryenge already has a rich history of commitment and excellence in dry construction. However, we understand the importance of evolving and adapting to the changing demands of the market. Thus, the vision of rejuvenating and revitalizing our image to continue offering exceptional construction solutions was born.

In this renewal process, our studio worked closely with the Dryenge team to capture the essence of our company, preserving the successful legacy of Marcelo Rocha and his team. At the same time, we seek to bring a new vitality and a contemporary approach to our identity.

Dryenge's new visual identity is a balanced combination of tradition and modernity. We've maintained familiar elements that symbolize our dry construction expertise and excellence, while adding contemporary touches that reflect our ongoing pursuit of innovation.

Our new logo and color palette embody a sense of solidity and reliability, conveying our heritage of three decades of industry experience. At the same time, modern, streamlined design elements reflect our commitment to evolution and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology.


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Dryenge's visual and strategic transformation was a meticulous and strategic journey, carefully crafted to establish a solid and coherent identity for the brand. Each step of this process was instrumental in shaping the vibrant personality that now defines Dryenge.

We start with a deep analysis and understanding of the core of Dryenge: mission, values ​​and the profile of its target audience. We invest time in detailed research to capture the needs, aspirations and expectations of potential clients, as well as understanding the local context and global trends in dry construction.

The clear definition of identity and purpose was the basis of this process. We formulated the mission, vision and fundamental values ​​that served as a strategic guide for Dryenge, directing its actions and decisions.

Developing the visual identity was a crucial step. The choice of the new color palette, the selection of visual elements and the redesign of the logo were meticulously designed to convey the essence of the brand. Each choice was made to reflect Dryenge's values ​​and vision, attracting and captivating its target audience.

The consistent application of the visual identity across all brand touchpoints solidified the perception and recognition of Dryenge's new image. From marketing materials to online presence, the uniform application reinforced the brand's visual identity and coherence.

Dryenge: Reinvention of a Tradition, Contemporary Vision in Dry Construction

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