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Implementing a new vision in a very well-defined local company was a challenge to be overcome, with our creative process, new positions and new items for the visual identity were studied.

The main problem to be resolved was the lack of flexibility that the company had before the redesign, it had few strategies and no target audience.

With a new design and positioning, a new era is born with Add Safety. With a journey of more than 15 years shaping horizons, Add Safety embraces a vision that redefines the paradigm of modern construction.

With a new color palette in place that echoes solidity and reliability, our visual identity speaks of a renewed commitment to transforming dreams into concrete structures.

Our vision goes beyond building buildings; we are here to build trust. With an inclusive approach, Add Safety is ready to meet diverse challenges, regardless of the starting point. Whether you are looking to build a new architectural vision or remodel traditional concepts, Add Safety is here to show that every project can be safe, efficient and boldly inspiring.

Every project with us is not just a task, but an opportunity to create memorable experiences. Our dedication to quality and commitment is underpinned by expert guidance and cutting-edge strategies. With the right combination of expertise and ingenuity, every step we take is tangible progress toward achievement.

Our new visual identity reflects this powerful duality. The color palette, chosen with purpose, evokes the solidity and professionalism we bring to each project.

Add Safety is more than a construction company; we are artisans of visions and executors of innovation. We not only build structures, but we also open doors to better futures. Every brick, every plan and every collaboration talks about self-discovery, overcoming limits and celebrating achievements.

Join us and discover how the journey to build something new can be inspiring, transformative and, above all, trustworthy. With Add Safety, the future of construction is being shaped with safety and vision, bringing a new dimension of reliability to every project we touch.






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Just as each structure requires a solid foundation, building a company's identity also requires consistent foundations. In Add Safety's journey of reinvention, we delve into a creative process that transcended the limits of conventionality to forge a new narrative, a unique vision and a robust visual identity.

Our challenge was to go further, redefining not only the image, but the very essence of Add Safety. We found a company that, despite its long history of 15 years, lacked flexibility and strategic direction. With a new design and a reconfiguration of positioning, a new era for Add Safety is born.

Our carefully chosen color palette echoes the confidence and solidity we incorporate into each project. It is a reflection of our renewed commitment to transforming dreams into tangible structures.

Our vision goes beyond simply building. We are here to establish trust, laying foundations for a safer and more inspiring future. Whether shaping new architectural visions or redefining traditional concepts, Add Safety is ready to overcome challenges and take construction to a new level.

For us, each project is an opportunity to create not just structures, but memorable experiences. Our dedication to quality and commitment is backed by expert guidance and innovative strategies, delivering tangible progress with every step taken.

Our newly created visual identity reflects this powerful duality. Each color choice, each element, communicates our solidity and professionalism, reinforcing the promise of quality and trust that we bring to each project.

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