Dolci Nostalgia


Dolci Nostalgia emerges as a brand of scented candles that transcends time, evoking the most cherished feelings and vivid memories of the 80s and 90s. Inspired by a retro aesthetic that is a tribute to the youth of its customers, the brand is a invitation to embark on an aromatic journey through the past.

With Cooper Black typography at the forefront, Dolci Nostalgia delves into a style that is as distinctive as it is captivating. The mix of Cooper Black and Maple creates a feeling of fun and relaxation, reminiscent of happy childhood memories. The brand's iconic colors paint a picture of nostalgia and vibrancy, bringing to mind the bright, eclectic tones of the era it continues to inspire.

Dolci Nostalgia candles are not simply products, they are olfactory time capsules. Each carefully selected scent is a portal to a fond past, reliving moments and emotions that shaped generations. From fragrances reminiscent of sunny summer afternoons to others that evoke the feeling of a starry night under the neon streets, each candle is a bridge between now and yesterday.

When lighting a Dolci Nostalgia candle, you are invited to a sensory experience that goes beyond the senses. It is an olfactory journey that weaves a personalized narrative, bringing to light smiles, tears and laughter shared over the decades. The brand is not just a product offering, but a link between generations, connecting the past to the present in a touching way.

With roots firmly planted in the interior of São Paulo, Dolci Nostalgia is a beacon of creativity and nostalgia in an ever-changing world. Each candle is meticulously crafted with love and care, so you can take the magic of memories with you wherever you go. It's a celebration of the little things that shaped life, and a reminder that the fragrance of the past can be the scent of the present.

When you choose Dolci Nostalgia, you are choosing more than a scented candle. You are choosing to embrace the memories, moments, and emotions that have shaped your personal story. Join us on this olfactory journey through time, and discover how Dolci Nostalgia can fill your life with the sweet fragrance of nostalgia.


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