BACO is a wine brand inspired by the Roman god of wine, Bacchus. The story of this brand begins with a group of friends passionate about wine, who wanted to create something that could bring people together around good wine. They realized that the name Bacchus would be perfect for the brand, as this god was known for bringing joy and celebration to people.

To create the brand's visual identity, BACO's founders hired a renowned design agency, which worked hard to develop something unique that conveyed the essence of the brand. The challenge was to create a visual identity that was both modern and reminiscent of the history and mythology of the god Bacchus.

The first step was choosing the logo, which was inspired by the symbol of the god of wine. The image is composed of a sketch of the God of wine. The colors chosen were red wine and olive green, representing the richness, sophistication and naturalness of the product.

BACO's visual identity is a reflection of the passion for wine and the story of the god Bacchus. It conveys sophistication, elegance and modernity, while maintaining a connection with the past and tradition. With this strong and striking visual identity, BACO has established itself as one of the main wine brands on the market.


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