Dalia Varejo


Dalia Varejo is a retail store in Rio de Janeiro and was created with the aim of serving different types of audiences.

With a range of products in its catalogue, the brand has become a highly popular and profitable e-commerce, which has allowed the brand to seek to reinforce the physical presence of its franchise.

The main objective of the project was to make the brand more consistent, reflecting the main characteristics of the brand's DNA, discussed with the client, and analyzed in niche and brand research.

The brand's symbol, through Gestalt laws, refers to a falcon, which was previously undefined, now becomes a Peregrine Falcon, referring to the idea of ​​movement and speed.


Redesign de Identidade



Lucas Dalia

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Design de Identidade, Branding

Design de Identidade, Branding

Redesign de Identidade, Rebranding

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